Security panorama gun ball linkage scheme

Panoramic intelligence eye, restore the truth of the accident

Advisory understanding

Function Brief

Compared with bolt and PTZ ball machine drive, panoramic gun ball joint scheme can realize monitoring scene panorama without end, detection and tracking of multiple targets, at the same time can also target detail by PTZ amplification tracking ball machine. Integrated video analysis algorithm and advanced multi-target tracking algorithm, detection can be realized automatically or manually on the panoramic area of the multi target region, regional, cross-border, intrusion into the left area of behavior, and can output the alarm signal and the linkage head tracking, so as to meet the requirements of high grade security requirements.

Technology tracking

This product uses the following Pisoft technology:

Panoramic correlation algorithm

DSP panorama stitching SDK

Mobile end panorama algorithm SDK

Mobile terminal stitching algorithm SDK

Production calibration of panoramic camera

Panoramic content sharing server build

Other intelligent algorithms

Multi object detection and tracking algorithm

Behavior detection

Gun ball interaction technology

Humanoid recognition

Face recognition

Technical architecture diagram

Application scene

Pedestrian monitoring along railway lines

Identity verification

Stereo vision monitoring


Ship channel monitoring

Vehicle statistics and speed estimation system

Passenger flow statistics

Pedestrian density estimation

Project platform




Docking process

The first step

Product requirement analysis

Determine the overall needs of the project

Propose requirements and standards for achieving requirements

Application scenario analysis

Target population analysis

Hardware scheme analysis

The second step

Product definition

Determine the software requirements specification file

Allocation of resources and human resources

Definition of functional attributes

Definition of product strategy

The third step

Software design and development

Start with the software requirements specification

To solve the problem, the algorithm is integrated into panoramic image stitching algorithm

Real-time PreviewFile replay

Image undistorted / stitched

Multi display modeMedia file management

File codeimage transmissionshare

The fourth step

Iterative operation

Change according to requirements or hardware environment

Modify the application in part or all

Stitching algorithm optimization

Software version update