Image algorithm service

Pisofttech algorithm for panoramic service industry partners to provide machine vision
depth algorithm one-stop solution based on technology.

Panoramic stitching algorithm

Pisoft panoramic stitching algorithm can be rendered efficiently and perfectly on CEVA, DSP and embedded GPU. According to the performance of embedded chip platform, Pisoft algorithm can achieve binocular to multi eye panoramic stitching, ranging from 2.5K/30fps~8K/30fps.

Application scene

Panoramic view of the equipment under security, surveillance, video conferencing, remote education, live broadcast and other scenes.

Video steady algorithm

Pisoft panoramic video stabilization algorithm allows the user to obtain high quality sources become more relaxed.

Application scene

Live broadcast, outdoor shooting

Multi object stereo vision algorithm

The algorithm uses two or more than two cameras to capture images simultaneously by comparing the image differences between different cameras at the same time, the depth information is computed by using the algorithm, so that the multi angle 3D imaging is achieved.


The relative two-dimensional image, can obtain a richer position relations among objects in the distance information, that is to distinguish the foreground and background
Can quickly complete the target identification and tracking, not subject to environmental light interference
It is suitable for outdoor environment, and is now used in traffic record, intelligent security monitoring, robot vision, logistics inspection and other fields.

Behavior analysis

Pisoft provides depth learning based behavior analysis algorithm to implement human structure extraction and specific behavior analysis functions.


Monitoring and tracking of key people in the public domain.

Face recognition

Pisoft provides depth learning based face recognition algorithm for face detection, pose detection, recognition, and peer to peer functionality.


Security monitoring and access control system:
In the residential areas, schools, enterprises, institutions, units and other places through the identification of the identity of the identity of the entry
Camera monitoring system:
The crowd can be monitored in the public places, such as banks, airports, shopping malls and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of identification
Including the identification of key groups.
Business entertainment:
Based on the features of precise positioning, face beauty, face stickers etc..

Multi-target detection and tracking

The Pisoft algorithm can detect and trace the target in real time, and classify the object At the same time, gun ball interaction technology can be used to enlarge and track specific target details.

Application scene

Security monitoring
It can be used to monitor, classify and track the crowds in the public places such as banks, airports, squares and so on.

Detection of flow density

Pisoft algorithm can identify the number of people entering and leaving feature areas with high precision and sensitivity The density of people with high accuracy in the statistical feature area can be reflected by the diagram.


The algorithm can conveniently and rapidly monitor the flow of people in a specific public area, such as a station
The utility model is suitable for public places where the density of people flow and the mobility are relatively large, so that the staff can quickly carry out the overall control and dispatch.

Beauty image algorithm

Contains: face lift, dermabrasion, beauty, beauty and other large algorithm, allowing users to shoot worthy of beauty.


Online star live, portrait shooting